What do the Soldiers think about Bush's failed war?

Well? What do they really think?
Yesterday, the Center for Responsive Politics reported that members of the military donated the most not to McCain, but to two anti-war candidates:

Individuals in the Army, Navy and Air Force made those branches of the armed services among the top contributors in the 4th Quarter, ranking No. 13, No. 18 and No. 21, respectively. In 2007, Republican Ron Paul, who opposes U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, was the top recipient of money from donors in the military, collecting at least $212,000 from them. Barack Obama, another war opponent, was second with about $94,000.

These donations reflect the military’s disapproval with the Iraq war and President Bush’s handling of it. A recent Military Times poll found that just 46 percent of U.S. troops now believe that the country should have invaded Iraq, and only 40 percent approve of Bush’s handling of the war.

Money talks and bushit walks... And it is important to note that CGG's ActBlue (I am sure she has taken over the place now! lol jk) is becoming a real force to be reckoned with:
The biggest "contributor" of all after one year of fundraising remains the progressive group ActBlue, which facilitates individual donors pooling their money to finance Democratic candidates. In donations exceeding $200, ActBlue has directed more than $2.2 million to the presidential candidates, but nearly all of it went to dropouts John Edwards and Bill Richardson. ActBlue's fundraising is far greater than campaign finance reports would suggest, however, since donations below $200 are not itemized on candidates' reports and, therefore, cannot be tracked or totaled.
That money may not have pushed those candidates on to the top of the ticket, but it did help push Edwards and Richardson's pro-sanity positions on war, poverty and other issues to the forefront of the presidential debate. Sometimes winning is as simple as effecting the agenda of a primary or election. Never mind the large amounts ActBlue sends other candidates into what would normally be underfunded primary and election races.

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