Diebold voting machine key copied from pic on Diebold site

Via BradBlog, (and h/t Buzzflash) anyone can have their very own Diebold voting machine master key now:
Good lord in heaven. How dumb are these guys at Diebold?! Can you believe the United States has actually entrusted them to build a security system for the original U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights?!

After everything else... now comes this.

It was revealed in the course of last summer's landmark virus hack of a Diebold touch-screen voting system at Princeton University that, incredibly, the company uses the same key to open every machine. It's also an easy key to buy at any office supply store since it's used for filing cabinets and hotel mini-bars! That is, if you're not a poll worker who already has one from the last time you worked on an election (anybody listening down there in San Diego?).


This idiotic company has had a photograph of the stupid key sitting on their own website's online store! (Screenshot [up ^^^ there])

Of course, they'll only sell such keys to "Diebold account holders" apparently --- or so they claim --- but that's hardly a problem.
C'mon Connecticut! Do you still trust your vote to these Diebold morons?

[update] While on the topic of voting issues, Real Hartford is trying to figure out if this is irregular:
If there is anyone else from Hartford who voted for Kucinich, please comment or contact me privately. The Courant is reporting only ONE person in all of Hartford voted for him, and while that could be the case, I sort of doubt it. There are towns of only about 10,000 people recorded as having 7 or 8 people vote for him, so I’m a little suspicious about the single voter in Hartford stat.


libhom said...

There should be legislation banning Diebold from the voting machine business.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Thanks for the comments. I couldn't agree with you more. I think machines should only be used as a preliminary count but they should also have to do a hand count to certify the vote officially.