Larry Craig WATCH and READ edition

Watch this Little Britain video to the end, which is only about a minute long:

Read this little blurb from the WaPo:
Staffers on Capitol Hill are howling over an e-mail sent from Sen. Larry Craig's office Friday about a watch found -- guess where -- in the men's room!

The e-mail, which is being forwarded pretty much all over the place on Capitol Hill, is from Pat Olsen, the embattled Idaho Republican's administrative director.

The e-mail announced that a watch was found in the men's room on the fifth floor of the Hart Senate Office Building, where Craig's office is located. On its face, the message suggests that a male staffer (possibly even Sen. Craig, the notorious men's room foot tapper) found the watch.
Cleaning the coffee of of the screen that I made the mistake of taking a sip of before reading that...

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