White House and GOP Reps Chasing Their Tails

This is good one from The Hill:
Top Bush administration officials lashed out at a pair of House Republicans at the White House yesterday after details about a contentious meeting between President Bush and GOP legislators were leaked to the media earlier this week.

The confrontations are the latest indications of an intensifying rift between Bush and congressional Republicans.

Reps. Ray LaHood (R-Ill.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) attracted the ire of White House officials for allegedly speaking to reporters about a Tuesday meeting between Bush and centrist Republicans on the Iraq war. Details of the contentious meeting first emerged Wednesday evening and attracted Page 1 headlines yesterday.

Sources said that Dan Meyer, Bush’s liaison to the House, confronted LaHood while White House political strategist Karl Rove rebuked Kirk. It is unclear if LaHood or Kirk were the originial sources for the stories, but LaHood was quoted in one of the articles.

Regardless, LaHood and Meyer got into a shouting match as emotions ran high and voices were raised yesterday morning in the White House while lawmakers were waiting to meet with first lady Laura Bush, according to two legislators who witnessed the exchange.

No word yet on when someone is going to get chewed out for leaking that Rove chewed them out for leaking that bush got chewed out.

"“The White House is not happy,” said a Republican lawmaker"

No kidding? They are not very grown up either... Then again, neither are LaHood and Kirk... They voted for unending war after all of their "dog'n'pony bush visit" waste of the public's time.

The GOP candidates play CYA for the next elections, and soldiers are still dying. Frickin' children... The lot of'em.

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