Bush Resigns?

For a few seconds watchers of CNN International were about to pop the cork on champagne:

Following up on this post, it did happen. Here's a screen grab from CNN International around midnight ET:

This appeared on screen for 12 seconds. (Two seconds before, President Bush had appeared on screen, but the chyron accurately said "Pressure over Iraq.")
I am sure they all slammed their fridge doors as they put their champagne away. Is CNN practicing for it just in case or do they know something we don't know? heh


sptmck said...

Talk about a 12-second, Freudian wish-fulfillment. Perhaps a few more tornadoes and hurricanes will do the trick. Honestly.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

I am afraid that a tornado would have to drop a house on him before this country returns from his fantasy world... heh

IC said...

Parish the thought! A house dropped on Bush will almost certainly bring Bush's brother, the wicked wizard of the Southeast, to national power through the sympathy vote. Let's just take 19 more months of this and get it over with. Give Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Lion a chance take back Oz. (I'll let you decide which Dem candidate is which character, but I don't think Hillary is Dorothy.)