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28 %
President Bush’s approval rating in a new
Harris survey, the lowest of his presidency.

How can this be?

“In a somber and wide-ranging assessment,” Britain’s top counterterrorism officer Peter Clarke said that Al Qaeda and its supporters have established “an inexorable trend towards more ambitious and more destructive attack planning.” “The only sensible assumption is that we shall be attacked again.”

Could the failed bush administrations' policies have anything to do with his continuously dropping polling numbers?


sptmck said...

Chew on this: Just a few minutes ago, Randi Rhodes reminded us that during the Clinton administration there were 1052 subpoenas issued; during the Bushtructive administration, 5 have been issued--4 yesterday. How about those numbers?

Connecticut Man 1 said...

There should be more coming soon. But even if they started issuing one per day for the next year and a half... It still wouldn't compare.