CBC may leave Fox Republican News Channel in the dust

The Hill is reporting that
Spurred by liberal activist groups such as MoveOn.org, the three Democratic presidential frontrunners, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.) and former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.), have withdrawn from the debate, citing what they call Fox News’s conservative bias.

“I do think that the CBC should seriously consider pulling out because Fox almost always chooses the opposite position of our caucus and members are continuously badmouthed on there,” a member of the black caucus, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), said. “That would be my position inside the caucus. However, I in the final analysis would support the caucus’s decision.”

Another caucus member, Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.), said: “Fox News brings the right-wing side of the news, and there’s no sense in participating in that kind of game-playing.

“We’re very serious about taking the administration in November and I wouldn’t trust getting an accurate and true portrayal of our views on the issues if Fox News is coordinating it,” she said in reference to Democratic hopes of taking back the White House in 2008.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus may raise the issue at a weekly meeting scheduled for today.

Now here is the only reason there may still be some support within the CBC and the CBC Institute to keep the debate date with Fox Repeublican news:

CBC leaders feel some sense of obligation to Fox because it was the only news network that agreed to televise a black caucus-sponsored debate before the 2004 Democratic presidential primary.

CNN is already carrying a CBC Institue sponsored debate, so this time the left has a chance to make a serious statement about about the GOP talking pointy heads' right wingnut "news agency" and the fact that Fox Republican news should be required to register as a major donor to the GOP for the biased and unethical political spin they give to the far right wing GOP agenda.

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