Bush, NOLA & The National Guard: Building on Failures

ConnecticutBLOG takes a long hard look at Bush's failures in New Orleans:
"In honor of President Bush's photo-op in New Orleans today, it's my honor to re-post these oldie but goodie video clips.

...but first, a look at Bush's screw-ups."

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You would think that he would take preparedness for disasters a little more seriously considering how many he has presided over and created, but a quick look at the National Guard foretells the probablity of more failure:

Nearly 90 percent of Army National Guard units in the United States are rated "not ready" -- largely as a result of shortfalls in billions of dollars' worth of equipment -- jeopardizing their capability to respond to crises at home and abroad, according to a congressional commission that released a preliminary report yesterday on the state of U.S. military reserve forces.

Considering the National Guard are our traditional frontline providers, and lifeline, in national emergencies you can understand why all Americans should be concerned with this. There wasn't enough available personel and equipment to provide releif during the tragic Katrinadisaster , but if there is a disaster down there right now it will be only worse:

From Virginia and the District of Columbia to Indiana and New Mexico, National Guard units lack thousands of trucks, Humvees, generators, radios, night-vision goggles and other gear that would be critical for responding to a major disaster, terrorist attack or other domestic emergency, according to state Guard officials.

The equipment shortage extends to Gulf Coast states such as Louisiana and Mississippi -- devastated in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina -- where Guard units have only a fraction of what they would need to respond to another large-scale disaster.

The Louisiana Guard, its gear depleted by Iraq and Katrina, is short of Humvees and trucks such as high-water vehicles critical for a major evacuation. "We are really concerned about vehicles," said Lt. Col. Pete Schneider, a spokesman for the Louisiana Guard. "We would have enough for a small-scale issue . . . maybe a Category 1 tropical storm we could handle -- an event that doesn't involve massive flooding or massive search and rescue," he said. But for bigger disasters, Louisiana would need help from other states.

Last time Louisiana needed help and there just wasn't enough soldiers and equipment to provide relief. Not to mention that Bush just didn't show any of that compassionate conservatism he lies about all the time. Bush just didn't give a fuck about certain people in need. And things are only going to get worse and worse as long as we continue to follow Bush's failed policies.

Impeachment isn't harsh enough punishment for Bush and his failed policies...


Joshua Xalpharis said...

Good thing this nagging problem was all cleared up, along with every other clusterfuck that Bush has made.

Otherwise, why would Anna Nicole Smith be relevant in any sense of the word? They are lacking for real news.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

Only in "bushland" could the death of one white girl get so much media attention while nothing has been in solved in NOLA. Don't get me wrong, Smith's death was a tragedy, but the Katrina victims are millions of tragedies, and most of those tragedies are ongoing. But the media doesn't get that story.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

What happened in New Orleans is a national disgrace.. and the city is suffering so in the aftermath.

Bush says he doesn;t want to go to tornado areas (struck yesterday? the day before?) because he'll 'get in the way'. Bullshit. He doesn't want to be bothered with little things like stark reality..

What should be done, based on the Iraq fiasco alone? TWO WORDS: THE HAGUE.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

He is probably remembering those photo-ops in NOLA where he surrounded himself with emergency providers that could have been out saving lives. He got ripped, and justly so, for that.

He probably wouldn't get in the way if he went there and did some real "hard work" for a change.