Common sense from where you'd least expect it.

It is a rare occasion, indeed, when any statement coming from the Secretary of State shows some common sense.
Think Progress » Rice Admits To U.S. Troops: ‘Your Honor and Your Sacrifice’ Is ‘Appreciated’ By Iraq War Critics:
"And the final thing I want to say is I know that a lot’s going on in Washington and that you’re hearing it. A lot’s going on because we are a great democracy. And people have their views and they’re going to express them. And some do not think that this was the right war to fight, and others think that we in the Administration haven’t fought this war quite right. By the way, all of them know that the sacrifice and the labor of our men and women here has been honorable.

And so when you hear the criticism of the war or the criticism of the President or of me or of anybody else, I do want you to know that to a person at home, your honor and your sacrifice and your labor is appreciated. People know what you’re doing and it’s appreciated across the board. I don’t care what people think of the policies; it’s appreciated across the board."

For all of those that would like to close the debate being pushed for by the Democratic party... Well, the soldiers expect PATRIOTIC debate on Iraq now.

Are some Republicans afraid of real patriotism being shown on the floor of the Senate? Apparently just enough to fillibuster what is their responsibility and duty to talk about.


IC said...

Waiiit a minute. So we're allowed to disagree with our President while still wanting our troops to be safe? You just turned my whole world upside down!

Connecticut Man 1 said...

It is your patriotic duty to disagree with this president. lol