Spocko, Disney, ABC and Blogger Harassment

Here is vid about a Blogger, Spocko, that was shut down for...

... For telling the truth about Disney and ABC.

Rather than suing and harrassing a blogger for telling the truth you think those two companies could be ethical enough to just fire their radio hosts? NOPE!

It is cheaper and easier for them to harass the Blogger.

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¡El Gato Negro! said...

Spocko's back up at http://www.spockosbrain.com, and he's writing to more advertisers.

There's a PAYPAL link there as well, so por favor, go show jour support, eh?


...y gracias tambien for running thees story.

¿Deed joo know that joo and all the other bloggerros have scooped the NYT Business Review on thees story?