Givaudon Flavors Corp. Closing Shop in New Milford

Litchfield County Times:
"an announcement that the Givaudon Flavors Corp. was closing its New Milford facility, affecting 95 jobs."

Another company closing up and leaving New Milford. Just the kind of news this town needs.

[update] This post is redundant and the result of being half a sleep at the keyboard... I should've checked the date on the article before posting. DOH! Thanks for pointing that out FT.


Fuzzy Turtle said...

*ack* that happened last year in January. But the anti business mindset still remains: MedInstill wants 4,000-foot sewer extension from the end of the town's current sewer lines near the former Century Brass mill on Aspetuck Road, but the mayor is more interested in a hotel that will create low paying jobs.

But on the upside she did set up a skate park. There ya go.

Patty Murphy is sort of a mini Rell. And despite love letters to Rell in the NYT, this is not a good thing.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

oh crap! I should have checked the date on that one! lol

I read about that "hotel" project. As well as more apartments and stores, I think? The did not want it developed for that sort of stuff, at least, they voted against devlopement. And here we are seing them try and bulldoze it again.