Sean Hannity - Enemy of the People

According to TPM Cafe:
Forget Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person In The World" contest — it's now been completely upstaged by a new Sunday contest on Fox: Sean Hannity's "Enemy of the State" award. Last night, Hannity's new Sunday night program aired for the first time, and from here on he'll award his "Enemy of the State" prize — a term originating with ancient Roman dictators placing bounties on rivals — on whatever red-state abortionist, anti-war activist, or run-of-the-mill Democrat who has attracted Hannity's ire that week.

If all it takes is labeling Hannity as the bush-news-whore that he is, well? See for yourself:

Keith Olberman gave you a measly bronze for your obvious rip-off of his "Worst Person In The World". I'll just leave your whoring self with this last thought:

Sean Hannity is the "Enemy of the People"... You know? "We The People" that know you for the bastard-bush-news-whore that you are.


Anonymous said...

ha.. Sean Penn could so kick his ass.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

You have these rah-rah bush supporters that are watching the nation turn against their messed up point of view. All they have left is going back to labeling everyone as the enemy, terrorists,etc..

They are lashing out big time because they are afraid of us, and the reality we bring to the table.