I managed the switch to beta

It was a bit of a pain in the butt... But I have it done with and just have to update my sidebar now. ACCCCK!!! lol


CT Bob said...

I'm going to wait a bit before once again attempting to switch to beta. Keep me posted on any issues you come across with it. It looks better, and it appears to take up the full width of the display, which is something the earlier version lacked.

fuzzyturtle said...

whooie.. fancy new look ! I like it.

sptmck said...

I like the "drinking" motif. With that in mind, you should add a section: Worst Drunk in the World. My nomination: Captain Lieberman, who persisits on being drunk on bad ideas.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

I tyried to go for easwier reading for ya Bob! lol And the main issue so far is "extra spaces" between words came out as "word doc" type symbols. Plus, if you want to, you have to go back to previous posts to tag them. I may not bother going back more than a couple of months If at all. And also, it only carries over your link lists, but not any images in the sidebar.

Thanks FT... I am glad you like it!

HMMM? Lieberman is kindof crazy drunk sptmck... lol