Michelle Malkin proves the Right -Wing-Nutosphere is WRONG

Across the right-wingnutosphere they were shouting out how much the soldiers hated Kerry. So much so that they refused to eat with him. Some on the left questioned the authenticity of the photo, as well as the premise of their "soldiers hate Kerry" blathering.

Below are 2 pictures. One that Malkin, Powerline, and other idiot-wing pundits of sub-mediocrity used as proof that "soldiers hate Kerry" because he was eating alone. The second photo is one that Malkin used to prove that the first photo was real.

If I am not mistaken Malkin has just proven her entire team on the idiot-wing were flat out wrong in writing that the first picture proves that the soldiers hate Kerry because they refuse to eat with him.

As for what Malkin's tosses into her trashcan:
If not, I owe a big apology to Sen. Kerry and to readers.

Well, I guess you and your entire lying and incompetent idiot-wing do owe Kerry an apology... You were stupid enough to prove that yourself.

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