HT Gives "Thumbs Up" to NM School Budget

Here are a few snippets from the 2/4/11 editorial in The Housatonic Times.

"...all those who assemble the proposed education budget went into the current process with new resolve to craft a package that met all the needs and would also be politically palatable. Better communication was established between the school board and Town Council and Board of Finance, concessions were secured from unions representing school district employees and more."

"The recently unveiled result is a $58,194,266 budget for the next fiscal year that carries a modest 2.19 percent increase in spending. Those numbers are more impressive when one considers a very significant and overdue change this budget would effect: the introduction of full-day kindergarten."

"This year, as the proposed education budget moves through the process of scrutiny and approval, officials and taxpayers must be mindful of the hard work that has been masterfully done by school administrators and the school board to craft a plan that meets the district's needs at a very fair price."

OK - let's review the key phrases:
  • modest 2.19 percent increase
  • hard work
  • masterfully done
  • a plan that meets the district's needs
  • very fair price
Those aren't my words - they're 100% Housatonic Times.

Sorry to say, but this editorial is not posted on-line. You'll have to purchase the Housatonic Times to read it, but it's worth the $1!


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Peniksen Pidennys said...

I purchase Housatonic Times almost on daily basis=)

Anonymous said...
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