Dem Dems are Dumb Dumbs

Yep - the local New Milford Democrats are lead by dumb dumbs. Their entire leadership team is continually outmaneuvered and outsmarted by the Republican Town Committee (RTC). Why they seek leadership positions year after year - and why they're re-elected by the membership - is beyond me.

John Lillis and Liba Furhman are so pathetic they claim they couldn't find anyone to take a seat on the Board of Finance. Really? You couldn't find ONE person, among a few thousand registered Dems, who would take a seat on the BOF?

Let's take a look at the record of recent failures to see what the real story is for these dumb dumbs.

The Park and Rec Board has ZERO Dems. 5 R's and 2 U's, but no Dems. The last time an appointment was open, the wife of a Dem elected official asked repeatedly to serve. Because the leadership did nothing, the Mayor put forth another "R." Is this just being lazy - or dumb?

The Board of Ed had an opening in February '10, due to the resignation of Dr. Lisa Diamond. She gave the Dems ample time to find and put up a qualified nominee. In a stroke of unethical genius, the RTC Mayor put up a registered Dem to fill the void. The Dem, Rodney Weinberg, had asked da Dems repeatedly to serve on the BOE or other commission, but his name - or that of any other Dem - was never put up. As usual, Lillis showed up late to the party, and the right-leaning Weinberg was confirmed. Is this just lazy - or dumb?

After months and months of a Dem seat being open on the BOF, the Mayor could wait no more. She put up a "U," Beth Falder, at the last TC meeting (6/28/10). Mrs. Falder might as well be an "R," or a "T" for Tea Party, as she lead the public charge of the anti-school crowd this year. According to a party insider, Liba Furhman claimed there was not one person's name they could bring forward for that seat. Again - lazy or dumb?

If da Dems could lift a finger and type out an email to their membership, maybe they'd get a response from "one or more" volunteers. Or, if da Dems put a two paragraph note in the local papers (just like the RTC does all the time), asking for volunteers for boards and commissions, maybe they'd get a response. Or, if they asked their members to ask their friends and neighbors, I bet dem Dems could get one, sole, single, solitary person to volunteer.

Am I way off base here? Would any of you reading this be willing to step up and take a seat on the BOF, BOE, Park and Rec, or any of the other boards and commissions in town? Let me know.

We don't need to remind everyone of da Dems recent general election success to take a shot at the leadership. They lost control of every board in town, and only by the grace of the Town Charter were they able to cling to a few paltry seats of importance. But, when you run a campaign consisting of nothing, that's what you get. Nice leadership Lillis and Liba!

What do I think is the real problem? Lillis and Furhman are overly controlling, and unwilling to give new people an opportunity. If they don't know you - forget it. If they don't like you - forget it even more. If you have any new ideas... I think you get the point.

If you want a leadership position, then lead. Do something - ANYTHING - to show New Milford da Dems aren't dead.


Connecticut Man1 said...

I suspect part of their problem in finding anyone to get involved is the problem that nobody can find out where and when the local Dems meet so they can actually try to get involved.

Do you ever see announcements that the New Milford DTC are meeting anywhere at anytime?

CT Fair and Balanced said...

No - it's like a secret society. People I know tell me they meet at the Railroad station on a Monday evening, but even the elected Dems don't know the schedule.

But, again, it all goes to leadership. If the dumb dumbs would put out a press release, this info would be in the papers. Also, THEY HAVE NO WEBSITE! Other local Dems in CT have websites, FB pages, etc., but not New Milford. As an FYI, I hear Lillis doesn't have email, still has a black and white TV, and only in the past couple of years got a cell phone. It's no wonder they're not in touch with their potential constituents.

Dem Dems are Dumb Dumbs! I'm surprised Chris Murphy doesn't ask for a change in their leadership.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Over at My Left Nutmeg they regularly point out when and where all of CT's DTCs are having their big meetings. Not surprisingly, New Milford's meetings are never noted. Not that MLN hasn't tried to find out... But that they can't find out. Yes, even CT Dem activists are kept in the dark when it comes to New Milford.

CT Fair and Balanced said...

Repeat after me: Worthless, Useless, Lillis.

Can you ask MLN to comment on this issue?

Connecticut Man1 said...

They have and, no doubt, they will again. New Milford is among several notable towns that shut out the new breed of activists. (The kind of people that want to do things.)

CT Fair and Balanced said...

Any ideas? Any pressure that can be brought to bear from the State Party level?