Welcome News on Ramping up Blog Production in New Milford

As the next big election season starts to heat up... I just wanted to note that this place will start getting a little more interesting. There a lot of great races on the radar, with the Governor's race, a Senate seat and the endless campaign campaigns on the House side, of course.

But, even better, IMHO, is that if you look over at the sidebar in the drunk tank you might notice that there are now two authors for this Blog.

CT Fair and Balanced is local to New Milford and I believe has an even better handle on the local politics than I do. I've always been so busy on national politics that I've never had the time to focus on it, myself, and with any of the depth that it probably should be explored. But CT Fair and Balanced will be posting on whomever or whatever is at the tips of the typing fingers.

I will still be brewing up my regular stuff here but now you may even find some breaks from the monotony of my own personal opinions on subjects and campaigns of local and national importance.

Now there remains but one question to be answered:

With two people on this Blog, does this officially make it a movement or a drinking game?

I may be slightly nuts but since I can't dance I know I have my own opinion on that... Cheers! :)

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