Premature Ejaculatory Praise Of Tiny Comical Release

I think TPM's Megan Carpentier may have captured the essence of this funny and tiny problem for teabagger redux - "Microman" - in her last paragraph:
Wurzelbacher describes Microman as "frustrated" and "one of us" in the same press release. One wonders how many other Tea Party members, already frustrated with being called teabaggers, would get behind a movement to rebrand them as "Micromen" with as much enthusiasm as Wurzelbacher.
And so their own witless self-parody continues needing very little help from the opposition...


libhom said...

The thing that makes me laugh is that the teabaggers were calling themselves that in the beginning. The nerdy DC pr people and lobbyists who created that whole Astroturf scam were so out of touch they didn't know what it means.

Connecticut Man1 said...

There are many like that, libhom. Just look at the National Organization for Marriage's (only for straight marriages because they think freedom should only be for their particular religion) Brian Brown and his roll-out of their "2 million for Marriage" campaign.

When they rolled it out they shortened it for mass consumption:


Cough - cough.