Rep. Anthony Weiner Teaches Lieberman To Spell

In his own special way:
Sharp-eyed Ben was reading my story when he noticed something I had missed:

Lieberman managed to misspell the name of Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), who, I swear, has uttered the phrase "As long as you spell my name right" in my presence.

Wrote Lieberman: "I fear the people who are advocating the Medicare buy-in are doing so not because they think it will give more help to these Americans than the subsidies and exchanges, but because they see it as a big step toward a single payer system as Congressman Anthony Wiener [sic] and others have explicitly said."

Ben quickly contacted Weiner, who has become one of the most outspoken progressives on health reform.

Quipped Weiner: "Maybe he couldn't spell 'flip-flop' or 'back-stab,' either."

Zing.... More recently? Weiner had this to say about Harold Ford trying to get into the NY Senate race:
"I don't think we need another Joe Lieberman"


Anonymous said...

will you be able to join this conference call?

Connecticut Man1 said...

Gonna try to. Not sure if I can?

Anonymous said...
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libhom said...

Lieberbush is so full of it. People who support single payer of course will think that a Medicare buy in "will give more help to these Americans than the subsidies and exchanges."