A Politician That Might Just Do What He Promises?

A Middletown Township, Pennsylvania, politician telling you he has done nothing for the last 6 years:

"Nobody does nothing better than Steve Young"

H/T the Smirking Chimp and I have to wonder if this is even real?

[update] Holy crap! It might just be for real and he is a Democratic candidate, at that. Otherwise he has been running this gag since at least May:
Poll watchers are expecting the largest election turnout in ever in Bucks County. The poll watchers who expect that are mostly in the Republican Party and we know how many things they’ve gotten right lately.

Today, I will be facing my toughest campaign, if not my first. To be sure I am running unopposed, but unless you or anybody, including myself, come out and votes for me, I cannot move on to the November election when I expect to be running opposed. Some may scoff at the dire need for votes when running unopposed, but those are people who don’t understand the power of write in votes nor the infamous 2000 presidential race when Al Gore ran against pretty much nobody and lost. Let us not let the Middletown Township auditor primary race end up being decided by the Supreme Court. America, nor Middletown Township cannot bear another unnecessary war.And, while my race is obviously the most watched in Middletown Township, I also ask you to consider the other decisions you will be making today and ask you to make the right one.
This is just too funny!


Unknown said...

It is pretty comical. Ah well, I guess that is the power of Web 2.0 stuff like YouTube ... everyone can create their own 15 minutes of fame!

peace, Villager

belliott said...

Funny I love YouTube