Sweeoowweet... Here Doggy

Via Jed Lewison, the happy-go-lucky teabaggers:
A collage from this weekend's teabagger rally in DC (photos posted by NineTwelvePhotos on Flickr):

Aren't they such thoughtful and happy people?

Much like these people, via Connecticut Bob:

Ray Charles disrupts Tea Party!

In a brilliant bit of political theater, the 9/11 tea party in Bridgeport was interrupted by the legendary Ray Charles, singing an American classic! Ann Coulter was on the stage when it happened.

They don't seem to appreciate having their voices drowned out by America, the beautiful, when they are trying to speak. Imagine that? And, of course, those were happy threats of violence they were loudly sharing with the neighborhood.

And please remember to hide the white women because Obama is an angry black man...

Good hypocritical doggy!


Unknown said...

Tea baggers, my ass! These are SCUMBAGGERS --liars and hypocrites. How bloody absurd that the ASS WIPES who created and literally conspired with the GOP to bring the US to its knees economically, selling it out to China, exporting jobs to Japan, enriching just ONE PERCENT at the expense of everyone else DARE to open their STUPID MOUTHS.

I suggest they crawl back into the cess pit from which they emerged.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I can't disagree with your assessment of what they are, Len Hart. However, The only reason we can say that is true is because they crawled out of their holes and opened their stupid mouths.

Otherwise they would still be hiding, unacknowledged by many, in the ranks of the GOP.

Real conservative moderates that are sane have got to be sitting at home crying as they watch what has completely taken over their party. I imagine most of them are indy, unaffiliated or Dems now.

JollyRoger said...

The Klanservatives ARE the Rushpubliscum Party now. They drove out anyone with parents who weren't also siblings years ago.

Nobody wants to talk about it, but if you scratch just a little bit, you can find nearly straight paths from some of the louder "teabagger" scum to Tim McVeigh and Elohim City. These pieces of shit are the successors to the "militia" scumbags of a few years ago. They don't call themselves that anymore because of McVeigh, but... they don't wear white sheets anymore either. Does it matter?

Defensores de Democracia said...

Is Mr Obama a weakling ?? - A Sissy to be beaten up by the Republican Bullies - Perhaps not - Obama Analysis - Psychoanalysis of Politics

Many people complain that Mr Obama seems very weak before his enemies, that he seems very detached from Reality, that he lacks certain strength of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or Lyndon Baines Johnson ... These two mentioned presidents were the main architects of Social Legislation in U. S. Twentieth Century History.

They had many powerful enemies in their times ( Republicans and Rich Corporations ) but they showed Great Strength and Force of Character to succeed in Legislation.

Perhaps the people that fear that Mr Obama is a Little Sissy to be beaten up by the Republican Bullies are wrong.

To analyze the personality of Mr Obama, we have first to understand the he is half "Black" and half "White" ... we should paint ourselves with these two colors before wearing Obama's shoes.

The condition of being the "Weird", "Foreigner", "Stranger" and "Other" in a Hawaian School and later in the U. S. Continent has to have an impact on Obama's Soul. This has to produce a reserved and interior personality, more introverted than extroverted, in order to survive or to improve his standing in every situation.

We can not expect Mr Obama to be a buoyant Teddy Roosevelt, or a Franklin Roosevlet from Money and Society Nobility .... Or a Big Texan like Lyndon Johnson. ... Obama comes from the World of Underdogs.

That requires "Survival by Shrewdness", "Quiet endurance of harsh conditions", etc .... be quiet and avoid useless revenge for small nuissances.

So Obama is an occult and hidden personality, but "Filth that doesn't kill you makes you stronger", so Obama may have become stronger with all the Dirt and Filth of Society.

Every new king, ruler or president has to be very prudent when he reaches the throne.

It is reported that Caligula and Nero were welcomed as very Human, Civilized, Kind and Polite, during the first years of their Emperorships.

Obama is not a Caligula or Nero, not even a Tiberius. Obama has little in common with Julius Caesar ( a scion of the Julian Nobility ) but Obama may have an ounce of Augustus ( Diplomacy, Politics ) a gram of Trajan ( Great Builder ) and a pound of Claudius ( Shrewdenss, Intellect, Understanding )

"Felicitor Augusto, melior Traiano" was a ritual formula to greet the Roman Emperors when they arrived to a new city. "Be luckier than Augustus and better than Trajan"...

Be more happy and lucky that Augustus and build more good things for the Empire than Trajan.

Mr Obama may have hidden strengths and reserves of Psychological Strength.

He may be "Quiet "Waters" : in many countries there are rivers and lakes of incredible danger, because they may have hidden currents, whirls, spins, fast rotations that are not apparent in the surface.

So the expression "Quiet Waters" may mean "Hidden Dangers", and as applied to a person, it may mean that under a Quiet and Tranquil personality there are hidden currents of energy and strength to face enemies.

That Mr Obama seems very "Republican" in Afghanistan and other policies, may be buying time to gain strength or to study a situation. ( Perhaps he is not a strong believer in some of his temporary policies )....

Mr Obama is Professorial, Rational, Reasonable, Intelligent, Shrewd, Calculator, Cold, Historian, Bookish and Librarian Like, but he may have a hidden maelstrom of energy and strength.


Vicente Duque

Connecticut Man1 said...

Great comments. Thanks for sharing them.

Anok said...

Coulter was in Bridgeport? It's a good thing I didn't go then. I'd be in jail.

I can't get sound on the video, I'll try again later - I've seen so many signs that are either moronic, or just outright racist, bigoted, crap-on-a-poster. There was a small group the other day on the corner by our grocery store. My husband, the Vet, decided to challenge them Hehehe. Boy was hat funny LOL.

Man, the amount of hatred spewing from people lately is astounding to me. But I'm glad they're getting it out and into the open. This way we can clearly identify the problems with this country, resolve the issue, and move forward.

Connecticut Man1 said...

The Coulter video is pretty funny. As she is speaking someone in the apartments across the streets starts blasting Ray Charles' version of "America, the beautiful" to drown them out.

One of the teabaggers got pissed and threatened violence because someone had effectively "shouted them down" for a change. Layers of irony in that one video.