Blue Dog Mike Ross Real Estate Scandal?

Via TomP at dKos, Rep. Mike Ross is getting his first taste of promised push-back for going against what the majority of Americans want:
ProPublica is reporting that Blue Dog Congressman Mike Ross (DINO-AR) "sold a piece of commercial property in 2007 for substantially more than a county assessment and an independent appraisal say it was worth."

Who did he sell it to? An Arkansas-based pharmacy chain with an interest in defeating universal health care.
Ross sold the real estate in Prescott, Ark., to USA Drug for $420,000 -- an eye-popping number for real estate in the tiny train and lumber town about 100 miles southwest of Little Rock.

"You can buy half the town for $420,000," said Adam Guthrie, chairman of the county Board of Equalization and the only licensed real estate appraiser in Prescott.
ProPublica: Mike Ross Raises Eyebrows With Healthy Haul

But it's not just $420,000. There is an extra almost 1 million dollars that went to the Rosses in the deal. The total value of the transaction is between $1 million and $1.67 million.
Any other Blue Dogs or Money Party candidates in Congress want to reconsider selling out Americans to the health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations? If we don't hear from you, you will very likely hear from us...

Update: Rachel Maddow gives the story a little love:

Crooks and Liars has a statement from Ross on this "Gotcha Politics" traditionally called bribes.


JollyRoger said...

I wrote about this Blue Dick today myself.

How in the hell can a corrupt piece of shit like Ross hold health reform in his dirty hands? It is past time to ignore the Blue Dicks.

Laguna Beach Realtors said...

What else would you expect but the scandals. I guess it is time that real estate market should revive quickly otherwise things are only going to worsen as the time passes by.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Real estate still has more bubbles to burst.

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