You Deserve A Break Today!

Go ahead and hide out here for a few minutes reading this laugher of a photo essay:
While most people will be watching Thursday's VP debate to find out whether Sarah Palin will start speaking in tongues, there's also the little matter of diarrhea-mouth hothead Joe Biden. The Obama camp is worried about the notoriously unpredictable Biden getting too aggressive (read: red-faced bellowing) while addressing Gov. Palin and losing the coveted "we hate people who aren't nice to the woefully underqualified" vote.
You've worked hard towards this moment too. Take a few minutes to laugh it up a little. Then get back to work ya slackers!


Beach Bum said...

I feel Palin was programmed pretty well but that all she was was programmed. My daughter's Barbi doll has more human qualities.

Connecticut Man1 said...

IOW: Caribou Barbi delivered as expected... lol