McCain Campaign Runs out of Toilet Paper

As evidenced by the stains on their campaign ads:

Dump and Dumper...

Needless to say: Eeewwwww...
(photo h/t TPM)

Those two bush turds weren't the only Hershey squirts staining the McCain campaign recently...
Parents Magazine has asked Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama to share their favorite cookie recipes, with readers voting on their favorite. “Apparently, the winner of the cookie contest has predicted the election the past four times.” However, McCain’s recipe for Oatmeal-Butterscotch cookies is an exact copy of Hershey’s recipe. In April, the McCain campaign was caught having duplicated three recipes from the Food Network almost word-for-word, posting them on the campaign website. The error was blamed on a “low-level unpaid staffer.”
The only question? Which McCain staffer will be used to wipe up these messes?

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