Clinton Campaign Stealing From Donors

From Blue Jersey:
Some of Kathy's post is confusing, so she has provided some clarification:
I used a figure of speech that might be confusing for readers and I want to clarify: By December 18 I got all of my donations back.

I happily donated $2,000. They had my VISA card on file. Unauthorized donations were made.

In addition, I was actually double charged for an event that I did attend.

Smoking gun: $5,800 is $1,200 over the legal limit.

I would say this in a court of law. I am an honest person...the following statement is true down to the letter:

Matt McQuenney who works in the compliance department at HRC headquarters told me verbatim -"What happened to you with credit card errors is happening to others,. You are not alone. Kathy, I'm trying hard to find out where and who it's coming from. What's going on!"

I voluntarily left the Hillary Finance Committee after I discovered more than $3,000 in unauthorized charges from HRC campaign on my own VISA card! And that set off a wave of overdrafts and $400 in bank charges that I was stuck with. And the compliance officer Allison Wright at Hillary VA headquarters refused to reimburse me for the charges. And the senior finance reps who I notified about more than $3,000 in unauthorized Visa Charges never once aplogized or empathized with my plight, much less sent me a "sorry for all the trouble" note and a check!

Unbelievably, it took me more than a month of pleading and begging via email to get the money back. I was told verbatim:

"Kathy Callahan, you are going to be with us all the way to the White House...So let's leave the money where it is and we'll save time on inevitable future donations and transactions!"

I went into a state of abject shock, disbelief and later anger! Heartbroken. I didn't want to report this entirely correctable problem to anyone outside the Hillary campaign! One long month later, and at the behest of a bank executive who said to me a few days before Christmas Eve, "You are way way way over the legal donor limit, Kathy! What are they thinking? Are they thinking at all?"

So I followed his direction and filed a police report in Ridgefield.
After she filed the police report the Clinton campaign finally returned her money. She is an Obama supporter now. You can read the entire diary here. I am certain you are thinking to yourself this is a made up story. I know I did when I first read it! Well? So did Blue Jersey admins. (worried about libel suits). Then in comments came this information:
Here is a press release on hillaryclinton.com listing Kathy as a member of "Hillary's New Jersey Women for Hillary Council"

This was a story in the Herald News:

Obama's message had already resonated with Kathy Callahan of Ridgefield months ago, when she said she defected from Clinton's finance committee to support Obama.

"Hillary speaks to my mind," Callahan said. "He talks to my mind and heart and soul as a Democratic activist. There is a difference. It's inspiration into action."

The FEC report for Kathy is available online and corroborates the numbers Kathy gave.

This is straight eh! ehffed up. And you can bet that it is busting Blue Jersey's sitemeter... heh

As a side note: This diary is for my wife! ;) She always complains that I go too easy on Hillary Clinton. I just don't have anything personal against Clinton, nor do I share the right wings irrational hatred of her. I just don't like her policies, votes, and I especially do not like the team of conservative-lite beltway insiders she will bring with her in that one in a million chance she wins the nomination, never mind the presidency.

Hey! It's not like Hillary Clinton is a monster or anything but... Well? You get the picture.

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CT Bob said...

Whoa! That's a serious breech.

However, we should remember that sometimes a politician's staff can play fast and loose with the rules. This does reflect badly on Clinton, but I am skeptical about whether this is an institutional policy, or if it's simply the actions of one loose cannon.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Probably Hillary is lucky that Spitzer stepped on his pecker; this story might get lost in the news frenzy.

Connecticut Man1 said...

For certain it is her campaign's fault... And if they said this: "let's leave the money where it is and we'll save time on inevitable future donations and transactions!"

Who does she fire? lol (If she were smart she would boot Penn along with the people that messed up the finances!)