Rove Gets Wingnut Welfare

Unless Rove plans on telling the truth about the lies and treason he helped orchestrate for the criminal bush administration and the GOP, Rove's book deal will be viewed as nothing more than far-right-wingnut spin:
After a three-week bidding period, Karl Rove has signed a deal with conservative Mary Matalin’s publishing imprint, Threshold Editions, to publish his memoirs. The bidding reached at least $1.5 million, but Threshhold would not disclose Rove’s final payment. When bidding began on Dec. 6, industry experts predicted Rove would get offered $3 million, though a publisher at Alfred K. Knopf said Rove “doesn’t have the personality” to land a major deal for his memoirs.

Given the fact that Rove has done nothing but spin since Newsweek offered him a spot to manufacture more bush lies, Rove's book deal is obviously nothing more than wingnut welfare.

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