Fox News Won't Televise It...

So, it must be true:

Via emptywheel, over at her new firedoglake home:

CCR is one of the organizations that will go before the Supreme Court on Wednesday in hopes of restoring Habeas Corpus. At the same time, they're trying to raise awareness of Bush's attacks on our rights with ads like this and a cool campaign to send Bush a copy of the Constitution (what do you get the President who has everything??). But when they went to Fox to buy time for this ad, Fox asked for proof that Bush had shredded the Constitution.

Perhaps it's time to launch a campaign to inundate Fox with your favorite proof that Bush trashed the Constitution. Copies of the Risen-Lichtblau scoop on warrantless wiretapping, pictures of the "free speech zones" at Bush appearances, a copy of the report proving NYC spied on citizens and detained many illegally leading up to the Republican convention in 2004. Anyone else have some good ideas?


Beach Bum said...

Being right in the middle of what can be called Fox country the mass of zombies, including my in-laws, that get their news from it won't believe anything that they don't spout. As for the Fox staff, both in the office and on the air, nothing less than falling advertising revenues will alter their positions. Boycotting the companies advertising on Fox could really hurt them or better yet scare them.

As for sending the Master Ferret Bush copies of the Constitution that is an awesome idea.

Anok said...

Great write up! I've said it too many times to count....the man needs a copy of the Constitution, he keeps torching his!

As for Faux News....blech. I think beach bum is right, boycott!

One thing I do wonder though...why is Faux News obsessed with bloggers? Has anyone else noticed that?

Connecticut Man1 said...

Beach Bum is right. And Faux News is obsessed with Bloggers (at least, with discrediting them) for the same reason a lot of the media is. We challenge them. The difference is that Faux has no problems making the craziest and looniest attacks because that is what they have always done. The other media has either been more subtle in their attacks or, for the smarter ones, have begun to embrace the new media.

There are maybe a couple of hundred mouthpieces in the various national medias with a reasonably large audience. There are probably a couple of million Bloggers on the left and the right scrutinizing and fact checking every word they write.

I'll take those odds...