24 percenters in hiding?

It is bad enough that around half the voters in the '04 presidential elections were crazy enough to vote for the idiot that had already cemented the legacy of "WORST PRESIDENT EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THIS NATION"...

While 24% may still be crazy or dumb enough to support bush, they sure won't admit it in public around these parts anymore.
The number of Americans who believe the country is on the wrong track jumped four points to 66 percent.

Bush's job approval rating fell to 24 percent from last month's record low for a Zogby poll of 29 percent. A paltry 11 percent gave Congress a positive grade, tying last month's record low.

I haven't seen anyone in the last year that will publicly support the Child in Chief. Even the hardcore supporters I knew are hanging their heads in shame. Sadly for them, it is their shame too... They were among the crackpots that voted for him.

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