Our BOE is nothing compared to Roseland Town Council

News from an Indiana Town Council meeting:
Roseland council member David Snyder was taken to St. Joseph County jail and held overnight after an incident during a Roseland council meeting.

He was released after the prosecutor's office reviewed the police report and decided to drop the felony charge, clearing way for Dorothy Snyder to bail him out.

David Snyder was put in jail after David Snyder was ejected from a budget meeting Friday night, before being taken to the ground outside by a Roseland police officer.

The melee started because David Snyder protested after being given only one minute to speak by council member Charlie Shields. After a heated argument, laced with profanities, Shields kicked Snyder from the meeting.

Snyder slowly walked from the meeting, escorted by Officer Jack Tiller. When he got into the lobby, turned and said something to Tiller who appears to shove Snyder who falls hard into the glass door and outside.

NewsCenter16's camera then shows David Snyder on the ground outside the town hall with Officer Tiller on top of Snyder. There are calls for Snyder to stop resisting as the officer appears to pound Snyder's head.

The Republicans on the BOE may have acted childish on that recent vote... But Roseland's Town Council is just brutal.


Unknown said...

just because someone has a badge doesn't make them right (OR just)

Connecticut Man1 said...

True that. And the same can be said for the "Don't taze me, Bro!" guy's brutal apprehenders at the Kerry event, IMHO.