Bush League Memo to Soldiers: "Eat Shit and Die"

In another fine showing of the trademark bush war planning skills, bush and the military fails to properly prepare for the influx of soldiers into Iraq:

As you can see from the document below dated 21 May, 2007, the command in Iraq is presently in some difficulty with regard to hot meals. Because of delays in the delivery overland of rations the mess system is short in regard to fresh produce and similar items and is serving Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) one meal a day.

This problem may be the result of a "lag" in changing throughputs from Kuwait. The increased size of the force at present may have caused this.

There continues to be a certain "background" level of ambushes of convoys along the route from Kuwait. This exacerbates any other problems that arise. pl
(Via Pat Lang at Sic Semper Tyrannis)

From the memo:
Due to a theater-wide delay in food delivery, menu selections will be limited for the near future. While every effort will be made to provide balanced meals, it may not be possible to offer the dishes you are used to seeing at each meal. Fresh fruits and salad bar items will also be severely limited or unavailable.

Although we are expending every effort to resolve the situation, should the food convoys be delayed further, DFACs will be required to serve MREs for at least one meal out of the day.

No word on when bush will be breaking out the plastic turkeys to taunt the soldiers again...

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