The Connecticut Republicans Spiral of Death

Ct Local Politics is running some straw polls. The first one is here.

If the 2010 election for governor were being held today, and the candidates were Rob Simmons and Richard Blumenthal, who would you vote for?

Richard Blumenthal (D) 49%107
Rob Simmons (R) 48%104
I don't know 3%7
218 votes total
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And the other ones, matching Malloy VS Simmons and Courtney VS Sullivan are here.

Right now Blumenthal has a slight lead over Simmmons, and the other matchups make it look even more dismal for anyone running under the Republican banner in Blue Connecticut as Malloy has a 25% lead, and Courtney has a 37% lead.

Go on over and vote.

I am hoping that the Republicans are starting to get the point concerning just how far right wingnutty their politics are viewed as in Connecticut and the rest of the nation.

Nobody is willing to stand behind the GOP elephant anymore... It has crapped on us all too many times.

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