Joe neocon Lieberman surrounding himself with Republicans

Joe neocon Lieberman knows who he is in bed with, as he surrounds himself with Republicans. Via ctblogger at MLN:

Even those who didn't vote for Lieberman in November have higher expectations for him than this. Pouting about the last election? Proposing a war tax without any plans to pursue it?

Then there's his fixation with seating charts.

As chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, Lieberman should be focusing on the many security issues facing the nation. But this month, the big news from the committee was that Lieberman had rearranged the seating chart.

From now on, he announced, the senators will sit Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican, instead of one party on one side of the room and the other party on the other side.


Instead of focussing on seating charts, instead of proposing a war tax that's dead on arrival, instead of reveling in his hurt feelings, Lieberman should do what he said he would do while running for re-election last year " focus on representing Connecticut, focus on holding the Bush administration accountable for its war policies.

Yep! His biggest boldest action since winning the 2006 election with the support of Republicans' money and the Connecticut Republican vote is to surronund himself with Republicans.

Does anyone on the Democratic side of the Senate think this is a good thing?


Kevin Weiss said...

He is the Bush administration's sex doll... Joe Lieberman.

This Title was found here: http://zenhuber.blogspot.com/

I laughed so hard when I read it that the Blog owner owes me a new keyboard.


Connecticut Man 1 said...

I saw that diary over at ePluribus Media and was going to drag it over to My Left Nutmeg to share with the rest of left CT... But the phrase itself had alread been frontpaged there. lol

Jeff Huber is a very good writer. Not to mention that, despite the fact that he was an officer ("the darkside") and I was just an Infantry grunt, we share many of the same views on all of this.

Thanks for the comment Kevin!