I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby - GUILTY on 4 counts

Justice has been served. Now... Will bush finally fire pardon scooter or will he just leave it to cheney to shoot him?
Emptywheel via Firedoglake:

"The Libby verdict is in:






Fitzgerald has asked for a couple of minutes with Ted Wells.

We will not know anything about potential appeals until after sentencing in June."

As far as appeals? There is nothing appealing about a Neocon, nevermind a guilty Neocon. (Aren't all Neocons guilty anyways?)

And if bush wants to pardon this guilty, lying, sack of dirty neocon trash, just be sure he knows that he was part of the treasonous cabal that outed an entire NETWORK of CIA spies working on nucular counter-proliferation duties.

Bush is already the WORST PRESIDENT EVER... Does he really want to add "Friend of the traitors" to his list of failures too? He might want to think twice about giving a pardon to scooter. It just won't look too good in his presidential library, IF he can ever find somewhere that is willing to stoop so low as to host one for him.

Just an update on doing the time:

Scooter faces up to 30 years in prison for his crimes.

update deux:

News Corpse (Via CT Bob) has Fox spinning a doozy of a lie on the guilty verdict...

update trois: ctblogger has a bunch of videos up on Libby.


Emily Cragg said...

So, you call this justice, eh?

Practically every White House staffer up to Dubya was involved in revealing Plames identity to the press.

Do you have ANY IDEA WHAT THE OUTCOME WAS?"?? SEVENTY, yes, 70 intell experts who knew the truth about Bush's WMD-INTELL-SCAM were rubbed out, killed.

Seventy murders, and one single fall-guy gets a 18-month to 3-year sentence.

Seventy agents who could have blown the Whistle on Bush's lies were killed, and you call this Justice?

You wimp.


Connecticut Man 1 said...

In Libby's case, yes, I belive he was served justice. He was not the original leaker. At least, he will have gotten his just deserts if he gets close to the maximum penalty.

He may still get some more justice served if they actually prosecute the original leakers.

But I am not holding my breath on that second option.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

PS: The maximum penalty is 30 years for the charges, not 18 months to 3.5 years as the WaPo reported...

They are just trying to soften the landing for Libby with that propaganda.

PPS: I don't need a lesson in what happened concerning Brewster Jennings, IT IS TREASON, but the case in front of the judge was not, so you might want to consider holding back on name calling with people that agree with your concerns... Maybe? lol

Barry said...

That Libby juror had the right question: WHERE'S KARL?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDaRFf7Cd6M From Americablog, pretty hilarious.

Femme Fatale said...

Was going to log in somewhere and see what happened in court, stopped here first.

Thanks for the info. Now if we could work our way up to the top in re: justice.


Connecticut Man 1 said...

That was a pretty good video barry. Thanks for dropping it here.

Femme Fatal: Now Fitz has a 30 year sentence worth of leverage to use to hopefully turn over the bait and catch the bigger fish.