Murphy - Johnson Debate

ctblogger has the video up from the Murphy - Johnson Debate:

Although I videotaped the event (with the help of the great Spazeboy), one really needed to be part of the audience and experience the reactions from the crowd as Nancy Johnson told lie after lie after lie. The responses from the crowd ranged from moans and groans to a woman standing up, saying "I can't take anymore of her bullshit," and walking out of the auditorium. The look of disbelief on everyone's faces including some Nancy Johnson volunteers was unreal.

Like a kid getting every present he wanted on Christmas Day, Murphy not only outperformed Johnson, he easily debunked every one of her claims, and clearly won over the crowd with his detailed outlined proposals which he would bring to Washington if elected Congressman.

Why is it that all of these GOP candidates go limp when they have all of their lies exposed by hard facts? Does anyone really want a limp Johnson in Congress?

(There has to be a Foley Joke in there somewhere? Put it in the comments if you think of it... lol:)

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