Email Bill O'Reilly about his telling the enemy to attack San Francisco!

I sent an Email to Bill O'Liely concerning his starting an enemy list... You know: The web sites that "smear" O'Liely on a regular basis because they point out his lies and propaganda.

Here is mine:

You can add this US Army Veteran to your enemy list you fuckwad of a falafel boy. With so many proud and informed Americans it is certain to be a long list of people that see right through your twisted far-right-wingnut propaganda.

Drinking Liberally in New Milford
The only Blogger guarenteed to be plastered all over the internet! But I still can't get drunk enough to start thinking Bill O'Liely holds a reasonable or intelligent point of view... Thank God for that!

You can add my friends to your list too:
Booman Tribune
European Trib
Crooks and Liars

I made sure to add recommendations for a few more sites to add to his enemy list. I know C&L has been asking people to reccommend him for that list:

I hope I make it on his list. I encourage everyone to email his site and ask that C&L be included on that list.
I urge you to send your Emails with your own Blogs and websites to make the point. Nothing like letting the Faux news viewers know we are out here! lol

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