Young Republicans Following in the Footsteps of the Crooks in Power

Crooks and Liars has a great story on republicans passing the torch of crime on to their youth:
Crooks and Liars: "OYE ALERT: Young Republicans Chairman 'Nathan Taylor' in Hot Water

I kid you not. YR's should have accepted the ad I tried to place. They could have used the extra cash, even if it came from a Frenchman.

Nevada's chapter of the Young Republicans has basically imploded, leaving its chairman with up to $25,000 in personal debt and allegations that he mishandled money. All but three people have resigned from the statewide group, but the fallout could prove increasingly embarrassing to the entire state Republican Party. Today, the chairman of the group, Reno resident Nathan Taylor, plans to hold a press conference attacking three of the state's party leaders -- Sen. John Ensign, Rep. Jim Gibbons and Rep. Jon Porter.

'I've got bills at the hotel I can't pay,' said Taylor, a 29-year-old political science senior at UNR who said he had to quit his food service job and drop classes to plan the convention....read on

Nathan's just doing a job worthy of the CBO. Taylor will probably double his efforts with extra bake sales and some double secret super duper rants. If he enlists, I'm sure he will be able to pay of the bills he ran up with all the extra incentives the Army is offering now. What say you Nathan? Your country needs you.

Also in trouble is a Steve Damion New Jersey College Republicans. Looks like he's out of a job too. "

These criminal republicans are just cut from the same cloth as their national leaders. I agree that they should enlist in the military, if not to support the stupid policies they have so screwed up the nation with so much, than at least to teach tham a little bit about responsibilities and good citizenship.

Maybe after they get out of jail? (snicker)

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