Columnist Jose Rodriguez has a pretty reasonable take on all of the celebrating and name calling taking place surrounding the new Pope...
Calgary Sun Columnist - Jose Rodriguez: Defending the faith: "Defending the faith
By JOSE RODRIGUEZ -- Calgary Sun

I don't know which bothers me more. The newly romanticized non-Catholics falling over themselves to defend the new Pope or the equally un-Catholic busybodies bent on tearing him apart.

Seems there is no shortage of opinion when it comes to the newly appointed Benedict XVI.

The former cardinal and close confidant to the much-loved John Paul II has been called medieval, ultra-conservative, backwards and all sorts of other nasty names.

By others, the first German pope in 1,000 years has been labelled a great defender of classic Catholicism, a strict theologian and a champion of tradition.

There is probably some truth to both characterizations -- if it mattered.

You see, praise and pre-judgement from non-Catholics is as worthless as fresh underwear at a nudist colony."

This is some pretty good advice for those on the outside of the Pope's Catholic family. If he ever makes a decision that actually affects my life, personally, then I might decide to muster an opinion on their choice for him to lead. As it stands now, since he is not my Pope, I will gladly take that columnist's advice about remaining silent when it comes to Benedict's good and/or bad. As for underwear... Well, who needs them?

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